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Most of the homes in the Hill country already have air conditioners installed, so when we are installing new AC units, it tends to be when we are replacing them. All of our technicians are professional and experienced so they will be able to install your air conditioner safely and correctly.

Once we have made an HVAC installation and you are enjoying the benefits of a brand new Air Conditioner, we don’t forget about you; we offer our customers annual maintenance, so their AC’s are always ready to take on the heat or the cold..

With regular maintenance, an air conditioner has a lifespan of 10 – 15 years. When your air conditioner is over the age of ten, it will have become less efficient and will be costing you more than it should to run. When our customer’s air conditioners are ten years old or over, we suggest that they consider having a new AC installed as a new system will be energy efficient and cost them less to run. If one of our customers is experiencing constant problems with their air conditioning, we will offer new HVAC Installations as we believe it’s more cost effective than paying for regular repairs.

An HVAC system is a big investment so we can understand why our customers try to hang onto them for as long as possible, but what many of our clients don’t realize is that their old HVAC system can be putting them out of pocket. As an HVAC unit ages, even if you have had regular maintenance carried out on it, it begins to lose efficiently. When your HVAC becomes inefficient, it’s no longer working to its full potential and is costing you more money.

An vintage Air Conditioning system has to work harder and longer for it to get the air in your home to the desired temperature. Although a new installation will cost you more at the time than the energy bill from your existing HVAC, you’ll make back your money from the efficiency of the new system. A new HVAC will be a lot more efficient than your current one, and you’ll see the difference in your utility bills instantly. An old HVAC could go at any minute; allow us to install a new unit and benefit from lower bills and a home that warms and cools faster.

If your HVAC unit isn’t giving you the comfort that you’re after, no matter how low or high you’re putting the thermostat, there’s something wrong with the unit – it’s not always as simple as a small repair or some maintenance. Without the advice from one of our professionals, you may not be able to determine whether you need a new HVAC installation or whether it just needs a repair. There are some factors that our customers should take into consideration – if you notice any of these problems below from your HVAC system, you can get in touch with us, and we can help determine which action you should take.

  • Age – HVAC units are always being upgraded and becoming more energy efficient. When you buy a new HVAC system, it’s not unlikely that a year or two after you have purchased it, there are already newer systems out that are better than the one you have. If you have an HVAC unit that is over ten years old, it’s worth considering investing in a new one. Although it can be costly to have a new HVAC system installed, you’ll soon realize that it’s worth it. An old HVAC unit will not perform half as well as what a new unit would – you end up paying more for a system that is giving you less. A newer HVAC system is also likely to have new features such as a programmable thermostat.
  • Incorrect Installation – Installing an HVAC system DIY is never a good idea unless you are an AC technician by profession. We never cut corners when we’re installing an HVAC system as improper installation can be a fire hazard, and it can also cause the HVAC system to work incorrectly or not to its full potential while also costing our customers more in energy bills.
  • Incorrect Size – Something we see quite often is homeowners that have bought a smaller HVAC unit as it’s less expensive to purchase. Yes, it may be cheaper to buy at the time, but the price isn’t something that you should go off. An HVAC unit that is too small for the rooms can struggle to heat and cool them as it’s not powerful enough. It will use more energy as it will run for much longer and work harder, trying to heat up or cool the rooms. At Air Care, one of our skilled technicians can replace your improper sized unit with one that suits the size of your home. When you have an HVAC that is a suitable size for the rooms you want to heat and cool, you’ll see a great difference in your energy costs.
  • Multiple Problems – If multiple components are going on your HVAC system, instead of forking out the money for several repairs, it may be time to start thinking about getting a new unit installed. The cost of repairs and labor can add up so if we believe that it’s better off for our customer to get a replacement, we will offer the service to them. We would never convince our clients to invest in a new HVAC system if we believed that they didn’t need one – our customers are like family, we only want the best for them.

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